PRODUCT PRICE            : IDR 791.263.000

PRODUCT ORIGIN          : Germany

PRODUCT TYPE             : Neurowerk EMG



EMG Configuration :
• EMG 4 channels with NCV, EMG, and Evoked Potential.
• Evoked Potential examination (VEP, AEP, SEP)
• Full set as a PC system with EMG Trolley and Isolation Transformer
• 24-bit A/D coverter
• 50 kHz sampling rate per channel
• Internally switchable reference electrode

EMG sofware for flexible examinations :
• Integrated help system with the Neuroanatomy Guide
• Freely configurable sequence and result table
• Spliscreen for lateral comparison
• Export of the results to an external sofware (e.g, excel)
• Automatic selection and calculation of all parameters (latecy, amplitude area, NCV, and many more)
• Automatic EMG analysis
• Always all measurement vallues in view