PRODUCT PRICE            : IDR 529,840,000.00

PRODUCT ORIGIN          : Germany

PRODUCT TYPE             : Neurowerk EEG



EEG Configuration :
• Amplifier with 34, 40, 58 or 90 channels
• DB40+ with up to 58 channels (40 EEG as a standard, 16 bipolar (optional), temperature (optional), ambient light (optional))
• Video EEG with full HD video recording with IR spotlight, swive-tilting unit
• Equipped with Photic stimulator F40 up to 60 Hz and Isolation Transformer
• Included with EEG Cap for easier and faster EEG preparation
• Full set as a PC system with EEG Trolley
• Expandable with SaO2 and etCO2 sensors (Optional)
• 24 bit A/D converters, variable sampling rate up to 2,048 Hz/channel
EEG sofware for efficient working :
• Automatic amplitude and frequency measurement
• Density spectral array (DSA), mapping
• Montage editor for adaptation of the EEG examinations
• Syncronous full HD video recording
• Export of EEG, video and results on any media
• Versatile window layout
• Effective detection of spike source analysis (Optional)