PRODUCT PRICE           :  IDR 316,131,000.00


PRODUCT TYPE            :  PG V 5000 D



• 15” color LCD, touch-screen setting, big front display, free
changeable angles of views.
• Functions provided for adult and pediatric patients in ICU through
membrane buttons.
• Various ventilation modes – VCV, PCV, SIMV+VCV,SIMV+PCV, SPONT,
NPPV and Dual PAP (optional), PRVC (optional).
• Useful controlling parameters are shown in each ventilation mode.
• The main controlling parameters can be adjusted directly through
main screen.
• Special functions on main membrane buttons : Backup ventilation,
Ins. Hold, Exp. Hold, 100% O2, manual inspiration and freeze.
• Excellent performance of imported proportional valves combining
the air and oxygen.
• Powerful extended function with optional CO2 & SpO2 monitoring
• Expiration valves can be disassembled for cleaning and sterilization
in order to preclude cross infections.