PRODUCT PRICE           :  IDR 42,374,000


PRODUCT TYPE            :  HICO Ultrasonat 810




Ultrasonic nebulizer is a humidifer using high-frequency electricity to power a
transducer that vibrates 1,350,000 times per second and divides water up into
0.5 – 3 mcm particles in its nebulizing chamber; used in inhalation therapy.

• Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Nebulizer.
• 0.5 – 6 micron particle size.
• Nebulizing capacity up to 4.5 ml / min.
• Can be equipped with heatable aersole hose for mist temp. of 43°C.
• Permanent nebulization up to 8 hours.
• Comes as table model or mobile footed or it can be wall-mounted.
• Has a built-in-timer up to 120 min.
• Easy to handle, light weighted and simple to clean and disinfect.
• Equipped with a 2-filter-system (coarse air & bacteria filter).